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Bamboo & Cork Flooring

Sustainable style is always on trend, and flooring is certainly no exception. Offering a smart, stunning option for hardwood lovers who prefer a renewable resource, bamboo and cork flooring are currently in demand for both residential and commercial settings alike. With their naturally unique grain variations and durable resilience, there’s a lot we love about bamboo and cork. Read more below about these natural wonders, and get started on your journey to stylish sustainability. 

At Bastian Carpet One Floor & Home we carry a wide variety of bamboo and cork flooring, including wonderful options made by our exclusive Voyager line.  A cork and bamboo floor is gentle on your joints, brings unique visuals and textures, and can be beautifully integrated into many different settings: truly the sky is the limit. 

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Bamboo & Cork Flooring Basics 

Bamboo flooring is a harder variety of wood that’s harvested from a rapidly growing plant, rather than a tree.  Since bamboo stalks grow significantly faster than your average tree, this type of flooring is considered a renewable resource. Easy to install bamboo planks are sold in several different finishes. 

Cork flooring is made out of the same material that most wine corks are made from: the bark of a Mediterranean tree. The harvesting process doesn’t harm these trees, and the bark will ultimately regenerate. Cork is inherently moisture absorbent and naturally resists common allergens, so it’s a great floor for a finished basement, or even a kitchen. It has been proven to absorb sound and chills, and is sold in some truly unique patterns. 

Want to learn more about our natural bamboo and cork flooring options? Visit our Allentown, PA showroom and chat with our experts today.


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