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One of the best carpet brands that is pet and kid-friendly is a Carpet One exclusive. Relax, it’s… Lees and Lees Studio can stand up to the action within an active household such as mischievous children, messy pets, and football parties. Lees® carpets are tough and engineered to perform. Today’s carpets should stand up to normal wear and tear, accidental spills, and stains— Lees does this and more. Since 1846, Lees has offered quality products, unbeatable protection, and an unmatched warranty against coffee, bleach, grease, and more! Witness the softness, stunning colors, and durability of Lees for yourself. 

Lees Carpets

Stylish, Durable, and Pet-Friendly

Carpet One

Why Choose Lees?

- Unbeatable Protection
- Unmatched Warranty
- Strength & Stability


Allentown, PA locals trust the experts at Bastian Carpet One because we have years of experience and know what you’re looking for. We’re family owned, and being part of the Carpet One cooperative gives us the power to offer quality products at affordable prices.


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Find a beautiful carpet that will stand up to spills, wear, and tear.

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