Tigressa Carpet Selection

Durable and Fashionable Carpets

Tigressa at Bastian Carpet One

Bastian Carpet One is proud to offer several Carpet One exclusive brands, including Tigressa. Tigressa is the perfect carpet for those looking for a soft surface flooring option that requires less maintenance. Collections such as Tigressa Cherish, Tigressa H2O, and Tigressa SoftStyle offer something for everyone. Whether you’re just looking for comfort or for something that can stand up to kids and pets, Tigressa is sure to impress. 

The superior softness of Tigressa carpets stems from the engineering of their carpet fibers. These fibers are half the denier of a human hair! A thinner fiber calls for ultimate softness and allows for more tightly packed fibers in each bundle. When there are more fibers in a bundle, a carpet becomes more durable. However, these are not the only benefits of a Tigressa carpet. Tigressa also features patented Ultra Protective Color Technology to protect carpets from fading, so that you can enjoy bold, rich colors for a long time!


Meet the Tigressa Family

  1. Tigressa Carpet in living room

    Tigressa SoftStyle: Satiny smooth with great performance

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  2. Tigressa carpet in dining area

    Tigressa H2O: Perfect for young families

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  3. Tigressa carpet in living room

    Tigress Cherish: Soft, beautiful, and environmentally friendly

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