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Carpet Flooring in Allentown, PA

Bastian Carpet One Floor & Home in Allentown, PA, is your local neighborhood expert when it comes to carpet. Carpet flooring is one of the top choices in homes because its comfortable, quiet, and even energy-saving qualities. There are multiple characteristics that play important roles in how a carpet functions, like the pile style and fiber types. Even the carpet cushion and base material impact how a carpet performs.


Carpet features an unmatched comfort no other flooring can replicate. It’s a durable and soft solution for your home. Turn a bedroom or living room into a personal retreat with new carpeting that adds comfort and style. Or refresh your business space with a new office carpet. No matter what project you’re working on, our flooring specialists are here to help.


Types of Carpet


Carpet has come a long way, and it now comes in styles that are stained and even waterproof. Go with a stain-resistant carpet like Lees®, which is built with stain-fighting technology and is perfect for homes with pets. Our Tigressá H2O™ carpets are totally waterproof, meaning you can confidently install them in your finished basement and not have to worry too much about your subfloor. Consider the color you want your carpet to be, something that complements your home décor, brightens up a room, or even hides stains and pet fur. There are also several different carpet designs, including level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.


Types of Fibers


Knowing what fibers a carpet is made of is also important in choosing the best floor for your home. There are synthetic fibers like nylon, triexta, and polyester that are super soft and ultra-strong. These vary in quality based on how nice the fiber is. For instance, our Tigressá carpet collections are made with ultra-fine nylon fibers that not only resist wear and tear, but also feel silky to the touch. Then there are natural fibers like wool, which is eco-friendly and crush-resistant.



Pet-Friendly Carpets


There are many pet-proof carpets available today. These are made with easy-to-clean fibers that repel moisture and stains. Pet-friendly carpets also don’t retain odors, so your space stays fresher. Plus, they help dull the noise of pet claws roaming, and they offer a soft place for your favorite furry family member to lie down.


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Carpet can be installed in many different places around your home, such as bedrooms, living rooms, children’s playrooms, and even home offices. Durable, stain-resistant carpets are good for high-traffic areas like hallways and staircases. Since carpet absorbs moisture, it is best to avoid installing it in rooms with a lot of humidity and moisture like bathrooms and kitchens.


We offer a range of carpet installation services, including for residential and commercial interiors. We also offer The Beautiful Guarantee®, which ensures that if you don’t love your new carpet, we’ll replace it for free. To learn more about using our installation process, visit our showroom.


Our Carpet Selection

As a member of the Carpet One co-op, the largest flooring cooperative in North America, we’re able to offer exceptional flooring prices along with personalized services. We are locally-owned and operated, but through the co-op we have increased negotiating power with suppliers. This means we can bring you the same prices as big box stores, but with a neighborhood flooring store atmosphere. We carry carpet brands you have come to love, as well as Carpet One Floor & Home exclusives. Our superior carpet brand is Relax, it’s… Lees®, which features a 25-year no-exclusions warranty. Learn more below about carpet and be sure to stop by our showroom and speak with a flooring specialist about installing carpet in your home. 


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