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Hardwood Flooring Guide

Natural hardwood flooring is a classic choice for homeowners because of its longevity and beauty. Additionally, wood floors are hypoallergenic, long-lasting, and improve the value of your property. If you’re looking for the best place to buy flooring near you, Bastian Carpet One Floor & Home in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is your local source for premium wood floor panels. Whether you want timeless natural oak floors or a rustic dark wood look, we have you covered with quality products for every budget and lifestyle.

Hardwood Styles

Hardwood comes in a variety of styles. You’ll find both unfinished and prefinished wood flooring, an array of hardwood floor colors, and texturing techniques like hand scraping that bring out the floor's natural character. We also offer extra-wide plank flooring, along with floor panels with beveled edges and varying lengths and tones. Our experts will help you choose the right look based on both aesthetic and functional reasons. For instance, high-gloss finishes are attractive, but they tend to show pet claw marks and scratches more obviously than a matte finish.

Types of Hardwood

In addition to style, there are different types of wood flooring available. The hardwood species include maple, cherry, oak, and birch, among others. Each wood option has unique shading, grain patterns, textures, and character. They also feature different strength levels and moisture resistance. For instance, solid oak is often recognized for its hardness. We also offer eco-friendly options like cork and bamboo.

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

Beyond style and wood species, there are also different wood plank constructions.

What is Wide Plank Flooring?

The biggest indicator of wide plank wood versus other hardwood is the width of the hardwood planks. Wide plank hardwood is generally any board greater than 5” wide with popular styles ranging from 5” to 12” and wider. The width of the planks can also influence the length of the boards. Wider planks usually mean longer boards. The look of wide plank hardwood brings a traditional yet intimate feel for both rustic and modern homes. Wide plank floors are characterized by having fewer seams and the ability to draw the eye across the room to make it look bigger. Because installing wide plank hardwood can be tricky, we recommend hiring a professional installer. All hardwood is susceptible to moisture and humidity. This is especially true with wide plank hardwood because of its sheer width and length of boards. It’s also essential to think about unfinished versus prefinished wide plank hardwood and stain. Imagining what you want your cohesive design to look like is key in deciding on the type of stain and finish. Wide plank flooring can be a big investment, but it is sure to bring joy and charm to your home.

How Does Humidity Affect Hardwood?

Hardwood flooring is always in high demand, but with Pennsylvania’s rainy springs, hazy summers, and chilly winters, moisture is always a major concern. This should always be considered well before scheduling your hardwood installation. Don’t worry with a carefully chosen product and a bit of due diligence on your part, you can still have it all! Your home’s relative humidity level can be expected to fluctuate throughout the seasons. Relative humidity, or the level of water vapor in your home’s air, will affect your flooring as time marches on. Higher humidity levels mean your boards will absorb water over time, causing swelling and warps, while low humidity levels can cause your floorboards to shrink. Fortunately, it’s possible to control your home’s relative humidity with minimal effort on your part. Investing in a humidistat or hydrometer will ensure your flooring will stay safe all through the seasons. Our experts recommend maintaining a steady relative humidity level of 42 percent. Window coverings, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners are also helpful tools to seriously consider when you have hardwood flooring.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

For many of us, “going green” is more than a trend: it’s a way of life. This way of life doesn’t stop where our home improvements begin. Harvested from readily renewable sources, these earth-friendly hard surfaces are sturdy, stunning, and seriously sustainable. Offering a smart, stunning option for hardwood lovers who prefer a renewable resource, bamboo and cork flooring is currently in demand for both residential and commercial settings alike. With their naturally unique grain variations and durable resilience, there’s a lot we love about bamboo and cork.

Where Can Hardwood Be Installed?

Solid wood flooring should be installed only in above-grade rooms that are dry with minimal humidity and water exposure. This will keep the planks from warping. Meanwhile, engineered hardwood planks can go in basements and light moisture areas like hallways, foyers, laundry rooms, and low-traffic kitchens. The most common areas that you’ll find hardwood include bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. We also have waterproof hardwood flooring, called Hydrotek™, which has a durable vinyl sublayer and can handle bathrooms and kitchens. Your hardwood floor installation should be done by experienced professionals who can ensure the floor will perform optimally over the years. You can trust our friendly team to get the job done right.

Our Hardwood Flooring Selection

For the best wood flooring selection in the area, visit us today. We offer modern wood floors that are built with quality and style in mind. This includes everything from contemporary light wood floors to traditional, European-inspired collections and much more. Since we're part of the Carpet One cooperative, we have exclusive brands such as Rustic River™, Invincible Hardwood™, and Voyager™. We also regularly offer hardwood flooring sales and affordable choices that will fit your budget and your style needs. Come to our showroom or browse our hardwood flooring selection online to get started today.


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